Local Calgary business owners join forces to create community-building signage for business windows that communicates to Calgarians.

“This is temporary, we WILL be back!"

About Project #TogetherYYC

Project #TogetherYYC is a ground level initiative for Calgarians, by Calgarians, founded by Lisa Shelley, CEO of Neal’s Yard Remedies (makers of clinically-proven, certified organic skincare) and Jenifer Rempel, Owner of Urban Productions Group (which produces some of Calgay’s best festivals). Together they have created a series of future-focused, positive, and accessible signage for business windows that works to tell a story, inform consumers, and spread a message of solidarity, while shifting the conversation and bringing Calgarians together - by being apart.

The project features four unique window posters, each in different upbeat colours, to communicate directly with Calgarians one of three messages: We’ll back, shop online, open for take-out or curbside pick-up. The posters can be accessed (for free) below and easily downloaded and printed on a standard 8.5x11 poster paper. 

Working together, Shelley and Rempel have a goal to see a poster in every business window to convey the message that

we stand together, we can do this, and we WILL be back.

We'll Be Back

Open for Take-Out

Curbside Pick-Up

Shop Online

We want your input!

We are soliciting feedback and input from all Calgarians as to how we can continue to evolve this project to make it better and more useful for everyone. Please reach out to us at and someone will get back to you right away!